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1537* Ordinance on the Production and Use of Books in Printed Form, Denmark–Norway (Scandinavia)
1539* Appointment of Academic Printer at the University of Copenhagen (Scandinavia)
1552* Letter Concerning the Danish Bible (Scandinavia)
1565* Lauritz Benedicht's Printing Monopoly (Scandinavia)
1572* Privilege for Petrus Johannis Godhus (Scandinavia)
1596* Total Ban on Book Imports, Denmark–Norway (Scandinavia)
1617* Continued Ban on Possessing, Selling or Distributing Imported Books, Denmark–Norway (Scandinavia)
1643* Establishment of the First Printing House in Norway (Scandinavia)
1670* Exclusive Rights to the Book Trade in Christiania (Scandinavia)
1684* Renewed Swedish Censorship Laws (Scandinavia) Commentary: [1]
1686* Abolition of All Monopolies in the Book Trade in Norway (Scandinavia) Commentary: [1]
1688* Establishment of a Printing Press in Iceland (Scandinavia)
1688* Laws Concerning Printing, Censorship, and Distribution of Books and Almanacs, Denmark–Norway (Scandinavia)
1701* Censorship Instruction for Newspapers, Denmark–Norway (Scandinavia) Commentary: [1]
1721* Printer Joachim Wielandt's Privilege for Popular Chapbooks, Denmark–Norway (Scandinavia) Commentary: [1]
1723* Freedom to Print Non-Privileged Books, Denmark–Norway (Scandinavia)
1737* Privilege of Printing Pontoppidan's Catechism Granted to the Royal Orphanage (Scandinavia)
1741* The Danish Copyright Ordinance (Scandinavia) Commentary: [1]
1748* Privilege Granted to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to Print Almanacs (Scandinavia)
1752* Regulations and Rules for the Printing Industry in Sweden (Scandinavia)
1764* Licence to Establish an Office of Advertisements in the City of Bergen (Scandinavia)
1766* The Swedish Freedom of the Press Ordinance (Scandinavia) Commentary: [1]
1770* Abolishment of Censorship (Scandinavia) Commentary: [1]
1771* Rescript Limiting the Freedom Allowed by the 1770 Legislation (Scandinavia) Commentary: [1]
1773* Rescript on Post-Publication Censorship (Scandinavia) Commentary: [1]
1799* Renewed Censorship Legislation, Denmark–Norway (Scandinavia)
1810* Swedish Freedom of the Press Ordinance (Scandinavia) Commentary: [1]
1812* Swedish Freedom of the Press Ordinance (Scandinavia)
1841* Swedish Ordinance on the Limitation of Terms of Protection (Scandinavia) Commentary: [1]
1876* Book Printer H. J. Jensen vs. The Poet Henrik Ibsen (Scandinavia)
1876* Act on the Protection of Written Property, Denmark–Norway (Scandinavia)
1877* Swedish Copyright Act (Scandinavia) Commentary: [1]
1896* Regarding Norway’s Accession to the Berne Convention (Scandinavia)