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Rules for Printers and Book Merchants' Guild in Madrid , Madrid (1763)

Source: Archivo General de Simancas, GYJ-979

Rules for Printers and Book Merchants' Guild in Madrid , Madrid (1763), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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      advise me of its receipt and
      indicate how many shares are
      of your interest, the capital of
      which should be given to Mr. Ángel
      Corradi, the treasurer appointed by
      the guild, within four months. This
      finalizes on 25th November this
      May God protect Your Worship
      many years, as we desire, Madrid,
      5 August 1763.
                                    B.L.M de Vmd.
                                    Valentin Francès.
      Mr. Antonio Muñoz del Valle


      avisarme, asi de su recibo, co-
      mo el numero de Acciones en que
      guste interesarse, cuyo capital se
      debe poner en poder de Don Angel
      Corradi, Thesorero nombrado por
      la Compañía, en el termino de qua-
      tro meses, que daràn fin el dia
      25. de Noviembre de este año.
      Dios guarde à V. md. Muchos años,
      como deseo. Madrid, 5 de Agosto
      de 1763.
                                    B.L.M de Vmd.
                                    Valentin Francès.
      Sr.D. Antonio Muñoz del Valle


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