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SACEM's act of constitution, Paris (1851)

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SACEM's act of constitution, Paris (1851), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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Promulgated in Paris, before Mr. HALPHEN, notary, and his colleague,

31 January 1851

      FIRST ARTICLE – A public society has been established amongst the persons appearing here and
by those who may later join them, in accordance with Ch. III, tit. IX, book III of the Code Civil, under
the name of

      ART. 2 – The seat of the Society is fixed to be in Paris, at the central Agency, currently in rue Sainte-
Anne, n° 63 (subsequently registered at rue de la Victoire, 15) (1).

      ART. 3. – The duration of the Society is to be five years, starting on 1 March 1851, and it can be extended,
as will be explained later on. (2)

Purpose of the Society

      ART. 4 – The purpose of the Society is:
      1° The mutual defense of authors and composers of music, either in conjunction with their publishers, or
without the support of the latter, with regard to the owners of public establishments which perform literary or
musical works, with or without the original words – such as the following: theatres, concerts, cafés-chantants,
and all other venues which exploit literary and musical productions other than theatre plays;
      2° The collection of authors' and composers' royalties from the aforementioned establishments, in Paris, in
the départements and abroad, and the lumping together of just one fraction of these royalties, as is explained
further down.

Society Fund

      ART. 5 - The common fund of the Society shall consist of:
      1° a deduction of 1/2 % which each author, composer and publisher agrees shall be levied on the gross
revenues of any recitals or performances of works that are carried out in Paris or in the départements;
      2° benefits of any kind which might accrue to the Society in terms of donations, gifts or otherwise;
      3° damages resulting from legal decisions in favour of members of the Society;
      4° unspent revenues, invested sums, unless their partition has been stopped.


(1) And currently rue du Faubourg-Montmartre, 17.
(2) It was extended on 19 December 1881 until 1 March 1886.


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