Occupation poet

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1 Alberti, Leon Battista
2 Ambrogini, Angelo
2 Angelus Silesius
1 Ansorena, Luis de
1 Arnigio, Bartolomeo
4 Arnold, Matthew
1 Augurello, Giovanni Aurelio
3 Baillie, Joanna
1 Ballanche, Pierre-Simon
1 Barthélemy, Auguste Marseille
1 Bellay, Joachim du
4 Bembo, Pietro
1 Birkenhead, John
1 Boderie, Guy Lefèvre de la
1 Boisrobert, François le Métel de
3 Bowles, William Lisle
3 Browning, Elizabeth, née Barrett
2 Browning, Robert
2 Bunner, Henry Cuyler
20 Byron, George Gordon, 6th Baron Byron of Rochdale
2 Béranger, Pierre Jean de
1 Camoens, Luis de
8 Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de
1 Chanler, Amélie Louise, née Rives
1 Chapelain, Jean
2 Chatterton, Thomas
2 Chaucer, Geoffrey
1 Chénier, Marie André
8 Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
3 Congreve, William
1 Cotin, Charles
1 Cowley, Abraham
1 Cowley, Hannah
2 Cowper, William
1 Daniel, Samuel
6 Dante Alighieri
1 Delavigne, Jean-François Casimir
11 Dryden, John
2 Ducis, Jean François
7 Eloy d'Amerval
1 Fabrizi, Alvise Cinzio dei
1 Fawcett, Edgar
6 Fenton, Elijah
1 Field, Eugene
4 Froissart, Jean
1 Gallagher, William Davis
1 Gautier, Théophile
10 Gay, John
1 Glarean, Heinrich
9 Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
1 Goldsmith, Oliver
5 Gray, Thomas
3 Halifax, Charles Montagu, 1st Earl of
1 Hardy, Thomas
3 Harte, Bret
1 Hayley, William
3 Hemans, Felicia Dorothea, née Browne
1 Herder, Johann Gottfried
2 Hoffman, Charles Fenno
1 Holford, Margaret
2 Howitt, Mary
5 Hunt, Leigh
1 Ingelow, Jean
9 Jonson, Ben
2 Keats, John
1 Kleist, Ewald Christian von
2 Klopstock, Friedrich Gottlieb
3 La Harpe, Jean François de
1 La Motte, Antoine Houdar de
1 La Vigne, André de
9 Lamartine, Alphonse Marie Louis de
2 Lavater, Johann Kaspar
1 Le Maire de Belges, Jean
1 Lemercier, Népomucène
1 Lemierre, Antoine-Marin
1 Leonardo da Vinci
19 Lytton, Edward George Lytton Bulwer, 1st Baron
16 Macaulay, Thomas Babington
1 Manzoni, Alessandro
1 Marot, Clément
1 Marzials, Theo
3 Mason, William
1 Medici, Lorenzo, 'the magnificent'
11 Michelangelo
38 Milton, John
1 Morris, George Pope
1 Morris, William
2 Muret, Marc Antoine de
1 Musset, Alfred de
3 Navagero, Andrea
2 Núñez de Arce, Gaspar
3 Otway, Thomas
30 Pope, Alexander
2 Praed, Winthrop Mackworth
2 Prior, Matthew
13 Racine, Jean
1 Raynouard, François Juste Marie
1 Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of
4 Rogers, Samuel
1 Rousseau, Jean Baptiste
2 Rowe, Nicholas
1 Sackville, Charles, 6th Earl of Dorset and 1st Earl of Middlesex
1 Sargeant, Epes
1 Sassi, Panfilo
12 Schiller, Friedrich
29 Scott, Sir Walter
31 Shakespeare, William
3 Shelley, Percy Bysshe
19 Southey, Robert
4 Spenser, Edmund
1 Stepney, George
2 Stoddard, Richard Henry
1 Street, Alfred Billings
1 Swinburne, Algernon Charles
2 Taylor, James Bayard
7 Tennyson, Alfred, 1st Baron Tennyson
14 Thomson, James
2 Thoreau, Henry David
1 Torres Caicedo, José María
1 Tusser, Thomas
1 Vega Carpio, Lope Félix de
9 Wilde, Oscar Fingall O'Flahertie Wills
1 Wilson, Robert Burns
1 Wilson, William
1 Wither, George
2 Woolner, Thomas
12 Wordsworth, William
3 d'Avenant, Sir William

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