Lyrical Reference to an Imperial privilege for Arnolt Schlick, Mainz (1512)

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Lyrical Reference to an Imperial privilege for Arnolt Schlick, Mainz (1512), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Title, prefaces and a poem referring to an Imperial privilege granted to Arnolt Schlick for an edition of music: 'Tablatures of Several Canticles and Songs for the Organ and Lute'

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Tabulaturen etlicher lobgesang und lidlein uff die orgeln un lauten / ein theil mit zweien stimen zu zwicken un die drit darzu sunge / etlich on gesangk mit dreien / vo Arnolt Schlicken Pfaltzgrauischem Churfürstlichem Organiste Tabulirt / un in den truck in der ursprugklichen stat der truckerei zu Meintz wie hie nach volgt verordent.

The first three lines of the poem in rhyming couplets praise the work in question. The following 11 lines focus on the content of the privilege, the protection term, and the punishment imposed for violations. The full text of the privilege as presented in Arnolt Schlick's 1511 edition is not included in this music print. Neither does the title page bear any reference to the privilege. Thus it is solely the poem which indicates that the work is protected against reprint. The poem is followed by two prefaces, which have not been transcribed or translated in our edition. The first preface by Arnolt Schlick Jr is a gesture of filial reverence towards his blind father. The second preface contains the father's answer to his son, who had probably assisted him in preparing the tablatures. Despite his blindness Arnolt Schlick discusses precisely the problem of corruption of a text or musical score after the original manuscript has been handed over to the printers.

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Author: Arnolt Schlick, Peter Schöffer jr.

Publisher: Peter Schöffer jr.

Year: 1512

Location: Mainz

Language: German

Source: Scanned from the facsimile edition published by

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Schöffer, Peter, Jr.

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music, protected subject matter
privileges, German Imperial

Responsible editor: Friedemann Kawohl

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