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1513* Imperial privilege for Eucharius Rösslin Commentary: [1]
1517Privilege of the Duke of Bavaria
1525Luther's 'Admonition to the Printers'
1531* Basel Printers' Statute Commentary: [1]
1658* Schupp: The Book Thief Commentary: [1]
1660* Frankfurt Printers' Ordinance Commentary: [1]
1673Nuremberg Printers' Ordinance
1690Amendment to the Frankfurt Printers' Ordinance
1690Beier: On the Book Trade and its Privileges
1740* Encyclopaedia Article on 'The Reprinting of Books' Commentary: [1]
1750Fritsch: Treatise on Book Printers, Booksellers, Paper Manufacturers and Bookbinders
1785Imperial privilege for Aloysius Blumauer's Travesty of Virgil's 'Aeneid'
1793* Fichte: Proof of the Unlawfulness of Reprinting Commentary: [1]
1794* Prussian Statute Book (ALR) Commentary: [1]
1799* Kehr: Apology of the Reprinting of Books Commentary: [1]
1809* Baden Civil Code Commentary: [1]
1832* Gans: On the right to perform published stage plays Commentary: [1]
1837* Prussian Copyright Act Commentary: [1]
1846* Austrian Copyright Act Commentary: [1]
1853* Bluntschli: On Authors' Rights Commentary: [1]
1857* Wächter: 'Publishing Right' Commentary: [1]
1870* Copyright Act for the German Empire Commentary: [1]
189150 Prussian Expert Opinions from 1870-1876