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1579* Privilege for the Deux-Aes Bible Commentary: [1]
1608* The States-General's ban on certain publications of the 'Bycorff'
1625-1626* Resolutions concerning the Dutch School Order
1632* Privilege for the States Bible
1669* Revocation of the Privilege granted to Pieter Hackens
1686* Resolution concerning the Grant of Book Privileges
1710* General Privilege granted to Gerard Noodt in Leiden
1715* Order on the Petitioning and Obtaining of Book Privileges
1728* Resolution on Compliance with Book Deposit Regulations and Notice against the Printing of Books under the names of Professors at the University of Leyden
1795* Provincial decree of Holland abolishing Book Privileges and bestowing a Right to Copy
1796* Book Decree of the Province of Holland
1803* National Book Act of the Batavian Republic
1805* Memorandum of the Batavian Republic restricting the copying and selling of State Documents
1808* Amended Book Act of the Batavian Republic
1813* High Court of Justice on the Right to Copy of Evangelical Hymns
1813* Sovereign Decrees on Official State Publications
1814* Sovereign Decree on the Book trade and the property of Literary Works
1815* Sovereign Decree on the right of property of translations of foreign works
1820* High Court of Justice on the application of the 1817 Act to translation disputes
1840* Supreme Court on Literary Property of the State
1850* Supreme Court on the protection against reprinting of public sermons
1855* Agreement between the Netherlands and France on the reproduction of scientific and literary works
1884* Bill on the regulation of copyright on works of visual arts
1892* Supreme Court on the protection of non-original writings