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Rescript Limiting the Freedom Allowed by the 1770 Legislation, Copenhagen (1771)

Source: Kongelige Rescripter, Resolutioner og Collegialbreve for Danmark og Norge. 6:1 : 1766-1776, Gyldendal 1786, 328.

Rescript Limiting the Freedom Allowed by the 1770 Legislation, Copenhagen (1771), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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Royal Edicts, 1771.

7 October

Edict (to the University of Copenhagen, to all diocesan officials and bishops in Denmark and Norway, as well as to the Headmaster of the Sorø Academy, and to inform all book printers, and to notify the chief of police in Copenhagen) by which the freedom of printing granted by the edict of 14 September 1770 is henceforth restricted.

A certain malicious and impudent man has taken it upon himself, on the basis of the above-mentioned edict, to publish insulting and offensive texts.

§. 1. The freedom of printing granted on the 14th of September 1770 may not be used to violate other civil laws, therefore all libellous, satirical and rebellious texts shall henceforth be subject to the same punishments as previously determined.

§. 2. Even if all censorship has been abolished, every author who writes anything shall be responsible that it does not violate the laws and regulations in force.

§. 3. It shall not be lawful for any printer to print any book or writing of which he knows not the author, for he shall be liable if he cannot identify the author; wherefore no book shall be printed without the name of the author or printer.


Translation by: Mersiha Bruncevic


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