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Licence to Establish an Office of Advertisements in the City of Bergen, Copenhagen (1764)

Source: Danske Kanselli 1572-1799, RA/EA-3023/F/Fc/Fca/Fcaa/L0042: Norske registre, 1763-1766, s. 487a-b, 488a. Location: Danish National Archives.

Licence to Establish an Office of Advertisements in the City of Bergen, Copenhagen (1764), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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We, Frederick the Fifth, by the grace of God, King of Denmark, Norway, etc., etc., make it known to all that Ole Brose, acting policeman in our merchant town of Bergen, has humbly taken upon himself, for the public good and for the convenience of the merchants and others in and around Bergen, to establish, at his own expense and risk, a Office of Advertisment, similar to the one in our royal residence of Copenhagen. He has requested our most gracious privilege to establish and maintain such a Office of Advertisment in Bergen. Our dear Mr. Ulrich Frederick von Cicignon, knight, privy councillor and commissioner of the diocese of Bergen, as well as governor of the southern county of Bergenhus, has announced in his received declaration that the establishment of such an office of advertisment



Vi Friderich den Femte, af Guds Naade Konge til Danmark og Norge etc: etc: Giøre Vidterlig, at eftersom Ole Brose, Politie-Actor udi vor Kiøbstad Bergen, som os allerunderdanigst haver andraget, at han er sindet, til nytte for det almindelige, og beqvemmelighed for de Handlende og andre i og uden for Bergen, paa hans egen Reigning og Risico, at oprette eet Adresse Kammer, paa lige Maade, som det i vores Kongelige Residence-Stad Kiøbenhavn, anholdende derhos allerunderdanigst om vores allernaadigste Privilegium, til saadant Addresse-Kammer i Bergen at oprette og vedligeholde, Da som oss Elskelige Hr. Ulrich Friderich von Cicignon Ridder, Vores Geheime Raad og Stiftsbefalingsmand over Bergens Stift, samt Amtmand over det Sydre Bergenhuusiske Amt, – udi hans herover indhæntede Erklæring, melder at eet Addresse Contoirs



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