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Laws Concerning Printing, Censorship, and Distribution of Books and Almanacs, Denmark–Norway, Copenhagen (1688)

Source: Kong Christian den Femtes Norske Lov. Trykt paa Boghandler Cappelens Forlag i det Lundhske Bogtrykkeri af C.L. Roshauw, 1833.

Laws Concerning Printing, Censorship, and Distribution of Books and Almanacs, Denmark–Norway, Copenhagen (1688), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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The Norwegian Law of Christian V


20 chapters


Regarding Books and Almanacs


1st Article

No one, whoever he may be, shall have anything printed before it has first been examined and approved in the Royal University of Copenhagen by the dean of the faculty to which the subject belongs, or by any other professor whom the dean may authorise for other legal reasons. The person responsible for the examination shall attach his signature and handwritten comments to what is to be published, in the same manner as if he intended to be responsible for it, and these comments shall be published in the books, writings and other materials to be published and printed.  If, however, any theological matter is to be printed in these realms, it must first be submitted to the superintendent in the diocese for examination, and with his report sent to the Royal University for further approval. Anyone who acts contrary to this, whether it be the printer or the person who causes things to be printed, shall be punished not only for disobedience, but also for the content of the writing, if there is anything contemptuous in it.



No person may, in this realm or elsewhere, print any writings regarding His Royal Highness the King, the government, or the police,



Christian den Femtes Norske Lov.

20 Capitel.


Om Bøger og Almanaker

1 Art.

Ingen, i hvo det og være kand, maa noget lade trykke, førend det tilforn i Kongens Universitet i Kiøbenhavn er igiennemseet og paakient af Decano i den Facultet, som Materien hører hen til, eller af en anden Professore, som Decanus formedelst andet lovligt Forfald det tilskikker; Og skal den, som det at igiennem see tilkommer, med sin Paaskrift og Haands Undertegnelse sit Betænkende paa det, som til Trykken forfærdigis skal, saaledis give, som hand selv der til agter at svare, hvilket Betænkende for udi de Bøger, Tractater eller al auden Materie, som i Trykken udkommer, skal trykkis; Dog skal Theologiske Materier, som nogen paa Landet vil have trykt, først Superintendenten i Stigtet at igiennemsee tilstillis, og med hans Betænkende til Kongens Universitet der videre at paakiendis, fremskikkis; Hvo der imod giør baade den, som trykker, og den som trykke lader, straffis ikke alleniste forsaadan Ulydighed; Men ogsaa for Skriftets Indhold, om der udi noget forargeligt findis.



Ingen maa lade trykke i Riget, eller andenstæds noget Skrift, Kongens Højhed, Regæringen, eller Politien an-



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