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Continued Ban on Possessing, Selling or Distributing Imported Books, Denmark–Norway, Skanderborg (1617)

Source: The Danish National Archives, Danske Kancelli: Sjællandske tegnelser (1572-1660) B57J: 1613 - 1621 mm.

Continued Ban on Possessing, Selling or Distributing Imported Books, Denmark–Norway, Skanderborg (1617), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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We continue, as before, to forbid the possession, sale or distribution of these Danish books, from this day forth, by all persons at home and abroad, unless they intend, individually or collectively, to act against Us and the Crown, whereupon they shall be held accountable and punished if they act against these issued letters and mandates. It is our wish that our bailiffs, mayors and all other persons in their counties, towns and cities be diligently and graciously aware that this is a serious prohibition and mandate without exception. We hereby jointly invite and command our superintendents to make proper inspections in their respective districts, and to assist the existing provosts and priests, so that everyone in their dominions and parishes, both in the merchant towns and in the countryside, may diligently supervise that no such books are kept, sold or distributed. And should any person take it upon himself to act against this prohibition, our bailiffs and others in authority



afstillis, ville vi endnu som tilforne alle indledniske saa vel som udlendiske hermed alvorligen och strengeligen saadanne danske bøger epter denne daug at føre, selge eller afhende forbudit hafve, med mindre de dennom saa vel som hvis andet, de hafver med at fare, til os och kronen ville forbryde och derforuden stande os til rette och straffis som de, mod voris udgangne brefve och mandater sig forgrebit hafver. Vi ville och, at vore fougder embismend, borgemestere och alle andre, enhver udi sit lehn, bye och gebeit, hafver flittig och grangifvelig indsende, at dette voris alvorlig forbud och mandat uden ald exception epterkommis. Sammeledis biude och befale vi superintendenterne, at de udi deris stigte hafver hermed goud och tilbørlig inspection, disligeste at de tilholder deris underhafvende provister och prester, at enhver udi sit herrit och sogen i kiøbstederne saa vel som paa landit hafver flittig agt och opsiun, at ingen saadanne danske bøger føris, selgis eller afhendis, och hvis de erfarendis vorder, at nogen understaar sig heremod at handle, de da strax gifver vore fougder, ebidsmend och alle andre, som samme steds at befale



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