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Lauritz Benedicht's Printing Monopoly, Copenhagen (1565)

Source: Danske Kancelli: Registre over alle Lande nr. 5-10 (1546-1571) B19D: 8 1561 – 1566. Location: The Danish National Archives.

Lauritz Benedicht's Printing Monopoly, Copenhagen (1565), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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by special grace and favour [allowed], and now also by this open letter confirm, that Lauritz Benedicht and no other person may freely and unhindered print all books in Latin, Danish and German that shall be printed and published in these realms. He shall not, however, publish any book, large or small, in Latin, Danish, or German, poetry or prose, satire or any other text, before the whole university, or the largest group that best understands the subject, has considered and approved it; and if it [the text] is in praise of God, for the preservation of the faith, and for the good of the kingdom, it shall be approved. If any man should try to compel him to print anything, saying that he would try it [= get approval], he shall not be allowed to do so without the prior consent of the University; he shall not take the liberty of printing anything without the prior consent of the University. And whatever copies he may have printed, large or small, no person shall be allowed to reprint them within these realms, and if a person should reprint any of the books he has previously printed, they shall not be imported, sold, or distributed in any way within these realms, while, or from the time when, the same books are available for sale


aff wor synderlige gunst och naade wndt och tilladett, och nu mett thette wort opne breff wnde och tillade att forne Lauritzs Benedicht aldene och ingen anden maa och skall frij wbehindrett prente alle the bøger, latine, danske och.thydske, som her wdj riigett wdgaaer och prentis skulle. Dog skall hand ingen bøgger, smaa eller store, latine, danske eller tydske, enthen soluta oratione, paa wers eller rim, ey heller pasquiller, eller nogett andett prente, førend enthen thett gandsche vniuersitet eller then største hob, som best seg forstuar paa then materie, ther prentis skall, om then kand were Gud till ere, religionen till bestandh och riigett till gaffn, fange thett offuerseett och aproberit. Will och nogenn nøde hanom till att prente nogett, sigendis thenom thett att wille forsuare, skall hand thett icke maa giøre, wden vniuersitetet thet først aproberer, møget mindre skall hand maa driste seg sielluff till at prente nogett wden vniuersitetens sambtycke, och hues exemplar, store eller smaa, hanndh prentendis worder, skall ingen her wdj riigett hannom efflertrøcke, menn ther som nogen wden riigett trøcker effter hanom nogne the bøger, hand tillfornn trøckt haffuer, tha skulle the icke tillkiøbs føris hid ind wdj rigett, ey heller her sielgis eller affhenndis, emeden och ald thenn stundh same bøger huos



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