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Lauritz Benedicht's Printing Monopoly, Copenhagen (1565)

Source: Danske Kancelli: Registre over alle Lande nr. 5-10 (1546-1571) B19D: 8 1561 – 1566. Location: The Danish National Archives.

Lauritz Benedicht's Printing Monopoly, Copenhagen (1565), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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Lauritz Benedict has been granted freedom in his printing business as follows


We Frederick II, wish to make all aware with this missive that our beloved Lauritz Benedicht, citizen and printer in our merchant city of Copenhagen, has humbly offered to establish a full-fledged printing house so that books in Danish, and German, and Latin may be printed here, and elsewhere, without punishment. For the purpose that we and our successors as kings of the kingdoms of Denmark may be promoted and kept in good power, and also that Lauritz Benedicht may be reimbursed for the money he spends, so that he may be able to maintain his [printing] house, We have


Laurtiz Benedicht fick frihet paa hans tryckerij saa liudendis.

Wij Frederich then anden &c. Giøre alle witterligt, att efflertj thenne breffuiser oss elske Lauritz Benedicht, borger och bogtrøcker her wdi wor kiøbsted Kiøpnehaffn, seg wnderdanigst tilbiuder at wille holde her samestedz ett ferdigt tryckeri, saa att her wdj riiget, saa well som andenstedz, maa prentis latine, danske och thydske wdj alle maade wstraffeligh: Tha paa thett same trøckerie oss och wore effterkomere koninger wdj Danmarck till ere och wore riiger till nøtte och gaffn maa forfremis och wed god macht holdis, saa och paa thett forne Lauritzs Benedicht maa komme till hanns wdlagde peninge, som hand wdj saa maade paa hues hand prenter bekostendis worder, haffue wij


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