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Letter Concerning the Danish Bible, Nyborg (1552)

Source: Danske Kancelli: Tegnelser ove alle Lande nr. II - XI (1545-1571) B31C: IV 1552 – 1556. Location: The Danish National Archives.

Letter Concerning the Danish Bible, Nyborg (1552), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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We, Christian etc., make everyone aware that we have taken notice that many, in Denmark and Germany, dare print the Danish books that now exist in the new Bible that we have had printed in our city Copenhagen, and that many of these books are forgeries and incorrectly printed but are nevertheless kept and sold in these realms. The same applies to many other Danish and German books which are not suitable to exists in these realms. We wish that from this day forward no books shall be printed that are in the Danish Bible or



Breffue som W[e]dgich om then danske bibell,

Christian etc.

Giøre alle witterligt att wij ere komen vdij forfarinngh, huorledis mange thennom fordriste baade wdij Danmarck oc Tydskland att prente paa Danske the bøger, som staar vdij thend nye Bybell, som wij haffue laadett vdtgaae vdij prentt vdij wor staadt Kiøpnehaffnn, oc finndis mange iblantt same bøger, som ere falske og vretteligenn prenthet oc dog holles fall oc selges her vdij Riigitt; szameledes vdij liige maade mange andre Danske oc Tyske bøger, som icke er nøtteliigtt att holles faall her vdij Riigitt. Tha paa thett slige bøger mue nederlegges oc icke bruges her vdij riigitt, wille wij, att effter thenne dag skall ingenn aff the bøger prenntes, som staar y thend Danske bibell, eller oc nogenn



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