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Civil Code, Madrid (1888)

Source: Biblioteca Nacional de España. Signature 5/9387

Civil Code, Madrid (1888), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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                  Art. 429. The law of copyright
            determines the persons to whom such rights belongs,
            the manner of exercising it, and the term of protection.
            In cases not provided for nor determined by
            such special law, the general rules about ownership,
            established by this Code, shall govern. (1)
            (1)            Origins
             Copyright Law, 10 January 1879
            Royal Decree 11 June 1886
                  Case law
            Supreme Court Decisions on December 1861 and 30 February 1866


                  Art. 429. La ley sobre propiedad intelectual de-
                  termina las personas á quienes pertenece este dere-
                  cho, la forma de su ejercicio y el tiempo de su dura-
                  ción. En casos no previstos ni resueltos por dicha
                  ley especial se aplicará n las reglas generales estable-
                  cidas en este Código sobre la propiedad. (1)
                  (1)            Orígenes
                  Ley de 10 Enero de 1879
            R.D. de 11 de Junio de 1886
            Sents. 4 Diciembre 1861 y 30 Febrero de 1866


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