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Free Trade Regulations , Madrid (1762)

Source: Biblioteca Nacional de España; BNE. pages 135-136 from Novísima recopilación de las Leyes de España. (Madrid : [s.n.], 1805-1807) -Signature 1/6722.

Free Trade Regulations , Madrid (1762), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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                              LAW XXIII.
            Cárlos III . Royal Order. 14 November
            Absolute Freedom to sell books without
             the tasa (price) established by the laws of the Kingdom,
                  with the exception of those of essential
            I have decided to revoke the tasa (price) established
      by the laws of the Kingdom upon the authorisation
      to sell books: and I order that in the future
      books are to be sold with absolute freedom at the price
      in which authors and booksellers wish to sell them,
      because being freedom of commerce
      the Mother of wealth, it will also be so in
      this commerce of books; and, it is also not fair that,
      without any retail prices imposed on foreigners,
      only Spaniards had been discriminated
      by their own laws. However,


                  LEY XXIII.
      D. Cárlos III por Real órden de 14 de Noviembre
            de 1762.
Absoluta libertad en la venta de libros, sin
la tasa prevenida por la ley del Reyno á
      excepcion de los de primera
      He resuelto abolir la tasa que por ley
del reyno se pone en los libros para po-
derlos vender: y mando, que en adelante
se vendan con absoluta libertad al precio
que los autores y libreros quieran poner;
pues siendo la libertad en todo comercio
madre de la abundancia, lo será tambien
en este de los libros; y no ser justo, que no
habiendo tasa alguna para los extrangeros,
hayan de ser solo los Españoles los agra-
viados por sus propias leyes: pero con-


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