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Ordinance concerning Printers, Booksellers and School masters, Brussels (1570)

Source: Koninklijke Bibliotheek, KW 1704 C 55

Ordinance concerning Printers, Booksellers and School masters, Brussels (1570), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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or style, do not misuse and damage the public welfare.

So it is that we have taken into consideration the matters aforesaid, by deliberation of our very dear and very beloved cousin, knight in our order, Stadtholder, governor and captain general of our aforesaid netherlands, the Duke of Alba, Marquis of Coria etc., ordained and laid down anew, hereby ordain and lay down provisional edict and command, the points and articles described hereafter. And this besides that which has been ordained therein by us before, and lastly in the holy general Council, held in the City of Trent, which we wish, understand and order to be strictly complied with and observed.


Firstly, Thus in such a principle art as the printing is, in which so much good or evil of the community, and in particular of the religion may be narrated, a certain rule and order should exist, and also a faithfull person of the same art or style, who in the first place and particularly have supervision and superintendence over the other. We have ordered and ordained, that by our authority, and created by our open letters of commission, will be instituted and established a Prototypo-graphus or Headprinter, in order to have the principle responsibility and superintendence on the matter of the aforesaid printing, will have the authority and power to examine and approve the masters and labourers of the printing houses of our aforesaid Netherlands. And will give them, and each of theme, letters of their usefulness and competence, according to their abilities. For which letters will afterwards have to be petitioned from us, or our aforesaid Stadtholder and general gouvernor of the Netherlands, letters of confirmation and approval.



ste ende stijl niet misbruycken, ende der gemeyne weluaert geen schaede toe en bringen, als voiren.
SOE EEST, dat wy de zaeken voirscreuen ouergemerct. Hebben by deliberatie van onsen zeer lieuen ende seer beminden neue, ridder van onser orden, Stadthouder, gouuerneur ende capiteyn generael van onse voirseyde landen van herwertsouere, die Hertoge van Alue, Marquis van Coria etc. Van nieuws geordineert ende gestatueert. Ordineren ende statueren by desen voir edict ende gebot prouisionnael, die puncten ende articlen hier nae bescreuen. Ende dit bouen t'gene des daerinne by ons hiervoirmaels geordineert is geweest, ende lestmael by t'heylich concilium generael binnen der Stadt van Trente gehouden, T'welck wy willen, verstaen ende beuelen scerpelijcken onderhouden ende geobserueert te worden.


Eerst, Alsoe in eene soe principale conste gelijck die printgerije is, waervuyt zoe veel goets oft quaets der gemeynten, ende zunderlinge der religien toecommen mach, zeker regel ende orden behoirt te wesen, ende oock een getrouw persoen vander seluer conste oft stijl, die d'eerste plaetse ende particuliere toesicht ende superintendencie hebbe ouer die andere. Hebben wy geordineert ende ordineren, dat deur onse auctoriteyt, ende by onse opene brieffuen van commissie gecreeert, geinstitueert ende gestelt sal worden, een Prototypographus oft Hooftprinter, om den principalen last ende superintendencie te hebben op t'stuck vande voirseyde printerije, die auctoriteyt ende macht sal hebben, om de meesters ende werckluyden vande printerije van onse voirseyde landen van herwertsouere te examineren ende approberen. Ende sal den seluen, ende elcken van dien, geuen brieffuen van nun nutheyt ende bequaemheyt, volgende hun faculteyt. Op welcke briefuen, sullen naederhandt moeten versocht worden aen ons, oft onsen voirseyden stadthouder ende gouuerneur generael van herwertsouere, briefuen van confirmatie ende approbatie.


Ende om totter voirseyder examinatie te commen, de ghene die willen oft pretenderen sullen ontfangen te worden tot meesters ende hoofden vande printerije ende exercitie vande voirseyde


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