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Ordinance concerning Printers, Booksellers and School masters, Brussels (1570)

Source: Koninklijke Bibliotheek, KW 1704 C 55

Ordinance concerning Printers, Booksellers and School masters, Brussels (1570), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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Philips, by the grace of God King of Castile, Leon, Aragon, Navarra, Naples, Sicily, Majorca, Sardinia, the islands, the Indies, and mainlands of the sea Occeane, Archduke of Austria;
Duke of Burgundy, of Lorraine, of Limburg, of Luxembourg, of Gelderland, and of Melanen, Count of Habsburg, Flanders, and Artois, palatine of Burgundy, Holland, of Zealand, of Namur, and of Zutphen; Prince of Swabia; Margrave of Burgau, and of the Holy Roman Empire; Lord of Frisia, of of Salins, of Mechelen, of the city, cities and lands of Utrecht, Overijssel and Groningen, and Dominator in Asia and Affrica. Greetings, all who shall see the present. Even if it is that the gracious late Emperor Charles, the fifth of the name, our dear lord and father (God have mercy on his Soul) and we, with several orders, notices, edicts and commands, especially with the order published above on the matter of the religion, confirmed by us in the year xv fifty-six, have provided on the rule, order and conduct, which the School masters have to comply with and observe. Nevertheless, despite this, some wicked and evil minds thereon have commited several frauds and abuses. And it is universally apparent and known that these vices, aberrances and herecies, originated, waxed, and distributed in the netherlands these previous years, have mostly arisen by the unruliness of the aforesaid printers, booksellers, and school masters, as they have imprinted, printed, sold, and taught the pupils, heretic and reprobate books. Due to which we have deemed necessary to provide therein anew, and for the future establish a sharp rule and order, and especially on the matter of printing. So that these printers and imprinters not only print no things that are against the Catholic religion and faith, and the Roman Church: But also print no things by which the good manners may be corrupted. Or that they, by carelessness, ignorance, abuse or impropriety in their art


Philips byder gratie Gods, Coninck van Castillien, van Leon, van Arragon, van Nauarre, van Napels, van Sicilien, van Maillorcke, van Sardeyne, vanden eylanden, Indien, ende vasten lande der zee Occeane, Eertz-Hertoge van Oistenrijcke, Hertoge van Bourgoingnen, van Lothrijck, van Brabant, van Lymborch, van Luxemborch, van Gelre, ende van Melanen, Graue van Habsborch, van Vlaendren, van Artois, van Bourgoignen palsgraue, ende Van Henegouwe, van Hollant, van Zeelant, van Namen ende van Zuytphen, Prince van Zwaue, Maregraue des Heylick rijck, Heere Van Vrieslant, van Salins, Van Mechelen, vande stadt, steden ende landen van Utrecht, Oueryssel ende Groeninge, Ende Dominateur in Asie ende in Affrijcke. Allen den ghenen die dese iegenwoirdige zien sullen Saluyt. Al eest zoe, dat wijlen hoochlofflijcker gedachten die Keyser Kaerle, die vijffte des naems, onse lieue heere ende vader (wiens ziele God genadich zy) ende wy, by verscheyden ordinancien, placcaten, ediften ende geboden, zunderlinge byde ordinancie hiervoirmaels gepubliceert op t'stuck vander religie, by ons geconfirmeert int iaer xve.zessenvijfftich, versien hebben, op den regel, orden ende conduyte, die de printers, bouckvercoopers ende schoelmeefters souden moeten houden ende obserueren. Des nochtans nietiegenstaende, eenige valsche ende quade geesten, hebben daerinne diuersche frauden ende abuysen gecommitteert. Ende is al kenlijck ende notoir, dat die secten, dwalingen ende heresijen, dese voirledene iaeren, in onse landen van herwertsouere gepulluleert, gewassen ende verspraeyt, meest gesproten syn deur die ongeregeltheyt vande voirseyde printers, boeckvercoopers, ende schoelmeesters, alsoe zy geprint, gedruct, vercocht ende den iongers geleert hebben, heretijcke ende gereprobeerde boecken. Mitswelcken wy van noode beuonden hebben van nieuws daerinne te versiene, ende voirden toecommenden tijt eenen scerperen ende particulieren regel ende orden te stellen, ende besundere op t'stuck vande printerije. Op dat die druckers ende printers, niet alleenlijcken geen dingen en drucken oft printen, die tegens de catholijcksche religie ende gelooue, ende de Roemsche kercke souden wesen: Maer oick niet en printen eenige dingen, daerdeur die goede manieren gecorrumpeert souden mogen werden. Oft dat zy by onachtsaemheyt, onwetentheyt, mishandelinge oft maluersatie in huere con-


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