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Venetian Decree Against Unauthorized Printing of Songs, Venice (1740)

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Venetian Decree Against Unauthorized Printing of Songs, Venice (1740), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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[Emblem of the winged lion of St Mark]

On 13th August 1740.

The Most Illustrious and Excellent Gentlemen

      Having deliberated with good reason on the following. They hereby
announce that in future no Story, Song, or anything else that it is customary
to cry out in public, regardless of whether these have already appeared in
print on other occasions, may be printed, or reprinted, or offered for sale,
or cried out in the public square or on the streets of this City, and likewise
every such similar thing which may no longer be published, unless it has
been taken beforehand to the Secretary of their Most Excellent Magistracy
and referred by him to Their Excellences, so that it may be examined by
them at their convenience – this on pain, both for Printers who allow the
aforesaid things to be run off their Presses, and for everyone else who is not
a town crier, of a fine of twenty-five ducats each time the offence is committed,
which fine is to be levied irremissibly and applied at the discretion of Their
Excellencies, who reserve for themselves the right to also impose any
punishments restricting personal freedom that they may consider appropriate.
      And the present decree is to be printed and published for the information
of all.

( Zan Pietro Pasqualigo, Commissioner.
( Giovanni Emo, Procurator of St Mark, Commissioner.
( Lorenzo Tiepolo, Cavalier and Procurator of St Mark, and Commissioner.

                                                            Agostino Bianchi, Secretary.

1741. 22nd November.

      The Most Illustrious and Excellent Gentlemen Commissioners of the
University of Padua have ordered that the present Proclamation is to be reprinted
and republished, that it may be executed without fail.

( Giovanni Emo, Procurator of St Mark, Commissioner.
( Z. Alvise Mocenigo, 2nd Commissioner.
( Zuanne Querini, Procurator of St Mark, Commissioner.

                                                            Agostino Bianchi, Secretary.

On 22nd of the said month. Republished on the steps of St Mark's and Rialto,
By Pietro Tegami, Public Commander.

Printed by the Sons of the late Z. Antonio Pinelli, Printers to the Doge.

Translation by: Luis Sundkvist


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