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Decree Establishing the Venetian Guild of Printers and Booksellers, Venice (1549)

Source: Venice, Archivio di Stato: ASV, CX, Com, reg. 18, 197v-198r.

Decree Establishing the Venetian Guild of Printers and Booksellers, Venice (1549), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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1548, 18th January, Council of Ten

duties pertaining to their office, they were unable to discover who had
informed them. And similarly there are many problems that occur every
day with regards to the publications that need amendment, yet, for the
same reason, it is difficult to come to know the truth, as there is no one
who represents the aforesaid art, nor who is responsible for it, so the result
is that everyone does as he pleases amidst extreme disorder and confusion.
Therefore it is necessary to make required provisions, firstly for the honour
of God, and of religion, and then for the honour of our city, and for other
public matters, just as such [provisions] have been made in the case of the
galley workers and similar trades by whom we should be guided; therefore

It has been decreed that, by authority of this Council, a school should be set
up comprising all those who print and run printing houses or sell books in any
other way in this city, and it has been ordered to the Provveditori de Comune
that, for this reason and for the good government of that school, and of this
profession, they should proceed to the execution of the above orders and
promulgate any statutes that they consider to be necessary and expedient.

In favour ____________ 14
Against ______________ 0
Not sincere ___________ 1


M. D. XLVIII - Die XVIII - Jan. In Conseglio X.

le cose pertinente al loro offcio, non si ha ritrouato chi li habbi
saputo render conto, et medesimamente occorrendo di giorno
in giorno molti inconuenienti circa le stampe che hano bisogno
de emendatione, con difficultà per l'istessa cagione si può venir
in cognitione della verità, non ui essendo alcuno che representi la ditta
arte, nè chi risponda per quella, onde auiene, che tutti fano à
modo loro, con estremo disordine, et confusione; alle qual cose,
essendo necessario far le debite provisione, prima per l'honor de
Dio, et della religione, dapoi per l'honor della nostra città, et
per altri rispetti publici, come sono de galeoti et simili nelli qua il
s'habbi con chi indriciarsi, perhò;

L'anderà parte, che per auttorità di questo Conseglio sia preso, che se
debbi leuar una schuola de tutti quelli, che fano stampar, et
che tengono botege, et vendono libri, in qualunque modo in questa
città, et sia commesso alli Proueditori de Commune, che à questo
effetto, et per la bona regolatione di essa schuola, et de quella
arte, debbano poner quelli ordini, et far quelli capitoli, che li
parerano conuenir, et esser espedienti.

De parte ____________ 14
De non ______________ 0
Non sync ____________ 1


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