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General privilege granted to Adrien Le Roy and Robert Ballard, Paris (1552)

Source: Bibliothèque nationale de France : Mss. Fr. 22077 n°2

General privilege granted to Adrien Le Roy and Robert Ballard, Paris (1552), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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Chapter 1 Page 1

[Royal printing patent for
music, granted by Henri II
to Messrs Adrien Le Roy
and Robert Ballard.]

                                          Henry by the Grace of God King
                                    of France, to our dear and loyal subjects, the people who
                                    maintain our Court of Parlement, the Provost of Paris, the
                                    general councillors, in matters of justice, of our assistants
                                    in Paris and appointed at the said place, and to all our other
                                    authorities and officials or sub-lieutenants, and to every one
                                    of them as will be his due, Greetings and affection. We would
                                    have you know that, taking into consideration the good and
                                    agreeable services which have been rendered to us so far by
                                    our dear and much beloved Adrian Le Roy and Robert
                                    Ballard, music printers residing in Paris, that in consideration
                                    of the latter and their contributions in taxes [cens], their
                                    competence, probity and good experience, we have appointed
                                    and do appoint them by these presents to the rank and position of
                                    Royal printers for the printing of all kinds of music, both vocal
                                    and instrumental, so that henceforth they may serve us with
                                    the accustomed honours, powers, prerogatives, franchises,
                                    exemptions, privileges, profits, revenues and emoluments such
                                    as were normally enjoyed by those whom we had hitherto
                                    appointed to the said position and, in addition, we have
                                    permitted them and do permit them always, and in the future,
                                    to print all kinds of music, both vocal and instrumental, by
                                    any Author or authors whomsoever, notwithstanding all other
                                    Letters contrary to these presents which may have been
                                    obtained [by petitioners in the past] and the obtention of which

Chapter 1 Page 2

we have, by our express will, abolished and do abolish by these
presents as far as things which have not been printed, and
whose term has expired, are concerned. Thus we order, command
and explicitly enjoin you that you should cause, suffer and
allow these supplicants to enjoy and fully and peacefully
make use of all that is contained in these presents, by stopping
and causing to cease all impediments to the contrary. For
such is our pleasure. Given at Paris, the sixteenth day of
February, the year of our Lord one fifteen hundred and fifty.

      By the King: the Sieur d’Avanson, Master of Requests of
      the present palace.
      Signed: de Laubespine

Translation by: Luis Sundkvist


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