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Basel Printers' Statute, Basel (1531)

Source: Staatsarchiv of Basel-Stadt. 'Erkanntnisbuch' StABS, Ratsbücher B 4, p. 96 recto and verso

Basel Printers' Statute, Basel (1531), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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[page 96 verso: details of Curio v Cratander]

which Valentin was the first to print, as a result of which
Valentin may have been impaired in the sale of his own edition;
it has been judged that, since both of them have already begun
printing and incurred expenses, this time they may both carry
on with the impression, but Andreas Cratander is not to be
allowed to print further any more sections, however large or
small, of his edition, until Valentin has finished printing, or
caused to be printed, his edition, with all the additions and
augmentations [#] - all this on pain of the penalty which
this Honourable Council will decide upon should he happen to
violate this etc.

# [Insertion in left margin:]

and henceforth he must never
print anything [relating to the
dictionary] without previously
informing the Honourable
Council and Valentin.


[Page 96 verso: details of Curio v. Cratander]

den er valentin zum ersten getruckt, nochzetrucken understott
dardurch er valentin an dem sinen und deren vertribung
verhindert möcht werden, ist erkant, dwyl si beyde den
zetrucken angefangen haben, und kosten daran gwendett
das sy dan den dyser zit beyde wol trucken mögen, doch
so soll andreas cartander in den sinen gar nichts
weder wenig noch vyl bis genanter valentin in dem
sinen hinzugestzt und augmentiert hat [#] trucken, oder
trucken lassen, alles by der peen, so im ein ersamer Rhatt
so er das uberfaren, darumb erkennen würd
actum etc.

# [Insertion in left margin:]

auch den fürer nyme
on vorwysen eins ersa-
men rats und sin va-



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