Committee on the Library Report, Washington D.C. (1873)

Source: The University of Texas Tarlton Law Library: 42nd Cong., 3rd Sess., 1873, S. 400.

Committee on the Library Report, Washington D.C. (1873), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Report from the Committee on the Library

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A Report of the Joint Committee on the Library on the subject of international copyright protection. The report recommended against creating international copyright protection. The report was part of the struggle for introducing international copyright protection to the United States that was renewed after the Civil War.

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Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Year: 1873

Location: Washington D.C.

Language: English

Source: The University of Texas Tarlton Law Library: 42nd Cong., 3rd Sess., 1873, S. 400.

Persons referred to:
Abbott, Benjamin Vaughan
Agassiz, Jean Louis Rodolphe
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Wallace, Alfred Russell
Wallace, John William
Warren, Samuel
White, Henry
Whymper, Edward
Wood, Rev. John George

Places referred to:
Great Britain

Cases referred to:

Institutions referred to:
Constitutional Convention (1787)
Joint Committee on the Library (U.S. Congress)
U.S. Congress

U.S. Constitutional Copyright Clause 1789

authorship, romantic concept of
book market
book trade
constitution, US
foreign reprints
interest groups
learning, the advancement of
moral obligations
property theory, authors' property

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