'Pezzana e Consorti' case: counter-petition and rulings, Venice (1781)

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'Pezzana e Consorti' case: counter-petition and rulings, Venice (1781), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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Petition by Niccolo Pezzana e Consorti, and Ruling of the Riformatori dello Studio di Padova in their favour

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  • Castellani, Carlo, 'I privilegi di stampa e la proprietà letteraria in Venezia: Dalla introduzione della stampa nella città fin verso la fine del secolo XVIII' (Venice: Fratelli Visentini, 1888)

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Author: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Year: 1781

Location: Venice

Language: Italian

Source: N/A

Persons referred to:
Anthony, St
Baglioni, Giovanni Antonio
Baseggio, Giacomo
Bembo, Diodato
Benvenuti, Rinaldo
Bettinelli, Giuseppe
Bettinelli, Niccolò
Coleti, Giovanni Antonio
Coleti, Niccolò
Deregni, Domenico
Gradenigo, Bortolo
Locatelli, Francesco
Lovisa, Domenico
Manfré, Marcantonio
Martinengo, Venceslao
Memo, Anzolo
Milocco, Benedetto
Novelli, Giambattista
Occhi, Simone
Palese, Carlo
Pasquali, Giambattista
Pezzana, Francesco di Niccolò
Pezzana, Giannantonio
Pezzana, Lorenzo
Pezzana, Niccolò
Pitteri, Francesco
Pompeati, Domenico
Remondini, Giuseppe
Renier, Paolo
Rosa, Giuseppe
Sansoni, Francesco
Savioli, Antonio
Soranzo, Tomà Mocenigo
Storti, Gasparo
Valvasense, Pietro
Zatta, Antonio
Zino, Carlo
Zusto, Alvise

Places referred to:
Romagna region

Cases referred to:
Pezzana e Consorti (1780-81)

Institutions referred to:
Riformatori dello Studio di Padova (Venetian Board of Governors for the University of Padua)
Università di Stampatori e Librai (Venetian Guild of Printers and Booksellers)
Venetian Senate

Decree of the King's Council on the duration of privileges (1777)
Venetian decree establishing perpetuity of privileges (1780)
Venetian decree on privileges (1517)
Venetian decree on privileges for new books and reprints (1603)

Università di Stampatori e Librai (Venetian Guild of Printers and Booksellers)
barter trade
book market
book trade
duration, prolongation of privileges
foreign reprints
free trade
interest groups
learning, the advancement of
privileges, Venetian
privileges, printing
public domain

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