Vergilius, Venice (1501)

Source: scanned from the book held in the British Library: C.19.f.7

Vergilius, Venice (1501), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Vergilius. Edited by Aldus Manutius

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This is the first book printed in the Italic invented by Francesco da Bologna, who is mentioned on the verso of the title. It was edited and printed by Aldus Manutius, who was the first to print classic authors in italic type and octavo format. The innovation proved epochal in regard to both the reduced format, permitting a price reduction and the abandonment of the international gothic for the more modern type. Aldo's Virgil appeared in April 1501, followed by Horace, Juvenal, and many others. All these editions were protected by a ten-year privilege obtained from the Venetian Senate in March 1501.

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Author: Virgilius Maro, Publius

Publisher: Aldus Manutius

Year: 1501

Location: Venice

Language: Latin

Source: scanned from the book held in the British Library: C.19.f.7

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Griffo, Francesco
Manutius, Aldus

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