Book trade regulations, Paris (1686)

Source: Bibliothèque nationale de France : Mss. Fr. 22061 n° 120

Book trade regulations, Paris (1686), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Statutes and Decrees for the Printers and Booksellers of Paris

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Statuts et reglemens des imprimeurs et libraires de Paris

Within a very difficult context as far as the book trade in the provinces was concerned - since the latter was being stifled by the stringent economic policies of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the famous Superintendent of Finances under Louis XIV, which also extended to control of the press and were biased in favour of the major Parisian publishers whose privileges kept on being renewed - the regulations of 1686, structured into sixty-nine articles under various headings, were the last major set of book trade regulations to be promulgated in France in the seventeenth century. First of all, just like the 1618 regulations, they renewed the articles of association of the Parisian Guild. Then, following on from the decree of 27 February 1665, they were also meant to put an end to the contestations made by the Parlement of Paris with regard to the duration of printing privileges and the requirements for the award of these. Finally, under this new system authors did not enjoy a more favourable status than had been the case in the preceding set of regulations: in particular, they continued to be barred from the possibility of selling their own works.

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Year: 1686

Location: Paris

Language: French

Source: Bibliothèque nationale de France : Mss. Fr. 22061 n° 120

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Boucherat, Louis
Colbert, Jean Baptiste
Louis XIV

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Bibliothèque du Roi (French Royal Library)
Chambre syndicale des libraires et imprimeurs (Paris)
Château du Louvre
Palais de Justice (Paris)
Parisian Guild of Booksellers and Printers
Parlement of Paris
University of Paris (Sorbonne)

Parisian Book Trade Regulations 1618
Parisian Book Trade Regulations 1686

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