Bilateral Treaty between Austria and Sardinia, Vienna (1840)

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Bilateral Treaty between Austria and Sardinia, Vienna (1840), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer,

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Bilateral Treaty between His Majesty, the Emperor of Austria, and His Majesty, the King of Sardina, for the safeguarding of property rights with regard to the literary and artistic works that appear in their respective States; sealed in Vienna, on 22 May 1840; communicated to all courts of appeal by an Imperial decree of 14 July 1840

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Staatsvertrag zwischen seiner Majestät dem Kaiser von Oesterreich und Seiner Majestät dem Könige von Sardinien, Zur Sicherstellung der Eigenthumsrechte hinsichtlich der in Ihren beiderseitigen Staaten erscheinenden literarischen und artistischen Werke, abgeschlossen zu Wien den 22. Mai 1840, mitgetheilt sämmtlichen Appelationsgerichten durch Hofdecret vom 14. Juli 1840

This first international copyright treaty involving one of the German-speaking countries was of major importance within Austria and Italy. The initial impetus for the treaty came from the Sardinian ambassador in Vienna, and it was intended to resolve reprinting conflicts between, for example, 'Sardinian' publishers from Turin and 'Austrian' publishers from Milan and Venice, as well as to ban the importing of unlicensed reprints into Lombardy. Elements of modern copyright theory, such as a general, abstract concept of the protected 'work' and a post mortem auctoris term were implemented. The treaty went on to form a major part of the Austrian Copyright Act of 1846, and was incorporated into the domestic legislation of the Kingdom of Sardinia and soon acceded to by other Italian states. From the Italian authors' perspective, however, the treaty failed to set standards for copyright contracts, and remained 'half-finished and incomplete' in its professed aim of creating beneficial conditions for the Italian book market.

1 Commentary:

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