Pütter: The Reprinting of Books, Göttingen (1774)

Source: Max-Planck-Institut für Europäische Rechtsgeschichte, Frankfurt Dt 15 Li 1

Pütter: The Reprinting of Books, Göttingen (1774), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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Full title:
The Reprinting of Books Examined in the Light of True Principles of Law

Full title original language:
Der Büchernachdruck nach ächten Grundsätzen des Rechts

Johann Stephan Pütter's work is the most comprehensive and detailed of all German eighteenth-century treatises on the reprinting of books. In Pütter's view an intellectual property is originally vested in the author for 'works which a scholar has newly written and which are now to appear in print for the first time'. On the basis of this property the author can either himself publish his books or sell or give away his 'property in the manuscript'. The publisher 'thus avails himself, if he should afterwards have the work printed, not just of a general, natural liberty, but, rather, of a duly acquired right which is proper to him.' Copyright should be perpetual for as long as the original publishing house continues to exist. Pütter was a leading law scholar of his time, and thus his book was often cited even throughout the nineteenth century. Numerous references to earlier writers also mean that his book is an important secondary source on the history of copyright. The commentary provides an outline of Pütter's life.

1 Commentary:

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Author: Johann Stephan Pütter

Publisher: Widow of Vandenhoek

Year: 1774

Location: Göttingen

Language: German

Source: Max-Planck-Institut für Europäische Rechtsgeschichte, Frankfurt Dt 15 Li 1

Persons referred to:
Bohn, Johann Carl
Buchenröder, Johann Nicolaus Carl
George III
Pütter, Johann Stephan
Trattner, Johann Thomas von
Vandenhoeck, Abraham
Vandenhoeck, Anna, née Parry

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Estates of the Holy Roman Empire
Royal Ministry of Hanover
University of Göttingen

Constitution of the Holy Roman Empire
Nuremberg Printers' Ordinance 1673
Saxonian Statute (1773), on regulation of the book trade

Enlightenment, the
authors, self-publishing
book trade
free trade
learning, the advancement of
scholarly writing

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