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William Billings' Printing Privilege, Massachusetts (1772)

Source: Massachusetts Archives, LVIII, 600.

William Billings' Printing Privilege, Massachusetts (1772), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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Anno [Regni?] [Regis?] Georgii [tertii?] [dusterrin'd?]

An Act Granting to William Billings of Bost the sole privilege of printing and vending a Book by him composed conisting of a Great variety of psalm - tunes Anthems & Canons in two Vol. -

Whereas the s.d Wm. Billings has compos'd a Great number of psalm - tunes Anthems and Canons to which are much [ue'd?] in and esteemed by many of our Churches, and which are daily more and more [ue'd?] and adopted by a Great number of people - which Composition has cost him much pains and - application and has also been very expensive to him; - And whereas the said William Billings has supplicated the aid of this Court in this his undertaking - in Order by the Governour Council & House of Representatives -

Be it enacted by the Governour Council & House of Representatives - That the said William Billings be and hereby is impower'd soley to print and vend his said Compositions consisting of Psalmtunes, Anthems and Canons & have and recieve the whole and only benefit and [endowment?] Arising therefrom for and during the full term of seven years from the first Day of August [hereof?] during which term all persons are hereby strictly prohibited either by himself or any by for or under him, from printing or vending his s.d Compositions either in whole or in part, and that if any [person?] or [persons?] during s.d term shall presume to print vend or barter the same either in whole or in part as afores.d he she or they so printing vending or bartering shall forfeit and pay the sum of Ten pounds [0:0?] for each and every offence and so to lies [quoties?]; to be recover'd by the said Wm Billings to and for his use in any Court of Record proper to [by the same?] unless the person or persons so printing vending or bartering his said Compositions shall be first impower'd by the said William Billings writing under his hand [& seal?]

In the House of Representatives July.14.1772

Read a first second & third time & pass'd to be [Ingrossed?]

Sent up for [Concurrence?]

[Hushing?] [Tpithh?]

In Council, July 14.1772

Read a first & second time & pass'd a [Concurrence?], to be [Ingrossed?]

M. Cotton [Dileery?]


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