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Lauritz Benedicht's Printing Monopoly, Copenhagen (1565)

Source: Danske Kancelli: Registre over alle Lande nr. 5-10 (1546-1571) B19D: 8 1561 – 1566. Location: The Danish National Archives.

Lauritz Benedicht's Printing Monopoly, Copenhagen (1565), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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be found in breach of this privilege and favour. It is forbidden to all, whoever they are or might be, to print any books according to these regulations, or to produce any books against his [Benedict's] will, unless they intend to commit a crime. In such a case, half of the books in their possession are to be returned to us and half to the aforementioned Lauritz Benedicht. And if they do not obey our orders and commandments, they are to be punished.


Dated Copenhagen, November 24th, year 1565



forbrot thenne wor Priuilegie och benaadinge. Thij forbiude wij alle, ehuo the helst ere eller were kunde, forne Lauritz Benedicht her emod at hindre, eller nogen bøger, effter som foreskreffuit staar, effter att trycke eller emod hans wilge att fall holde, saa framt the ieke wille haffue forbrot same bøgger, och alt hues andet the halfue mett att fare, halffparten till oss, och anden halluffparten til forne Lauritz Benedicht; och ther till mett straffis som the, wore breffue och. budh icke achte wille.

Datum Kiøpnehaffn then xxiiij Nouembris Aar &c. Mdlxv.



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