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Petition for licence and privilege by Cervantes, Madrid (1604)

Source: Archivo Histórico Nacional; AHN, Consejos, 44826-1

Petition for licence and privilege by Cervantes, Madrid (1604), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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      Miguel de Çervantes, I say I have
      composed a book entitled the
      ingenious gentleman of la mancha, which
      I hereby submit. I ask and beseech Your
      Highness to grant me a licence and
      a privilege to print it for twenty
      years, taking into account the amount of
      work and study I have spent in composing
      the said book and because it is a pleasant
      and curious reading and of great talent, upon
      which I shall receive your goodness and favour.
      And for that, etc.
                  Miguel de Cervantes


      Miguel de Çervantes, digo que yo e
      conpuesto un libro in titulado el in
      genioso hidalgo de la mancha del qual
      hago presentaçión. A Vuestra Alteza pido
      y suplico sea servido de darme licencia
      y previlegio para imprimirle por vein-
      te años, atento al mucho estudio y tra-
      bajo que en componer el dicho libro e
      gastado y ser de letura apacible curiosa
      y de grande ingenio, quenello recebiré
      gran bien y merced.Y para ello, etc.
                  Miguel de Cervantes


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