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Statutes of the Venetian Guild of Printers and Booksellers, Venice (1549)

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Statutes of the Venetian Guild of Printers and Booksellers, Venice (1549), Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, www.copyrighthistory.org

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rules which seemed appropriate to their Lordships, and likewise
the judgement passed by the Most Illustrious Signori at the head
of this Council on 29 November 1566, regarding how these
deliberations were to be implemented, and now that the Ten
have given this matter their careful and diligent attention, and
also examined the appeals submitted to the Presidents of the
Guilds on 23 April last year, and heard, moreover, the arguments
which they and some other of these booksellers presented, their
Most Illustrious Lordships, by the authority which has been
granted to them in the aforesaid resolution, have decreed that
the aforesaid rules which have been magnificently laid down
by them for the good governance and regulation of this Art,
are to be inviolably observed by Printers and Booksellers, on
pain of the penalties specified in these, and…

                  Francesco Donato. Provveditor di Comune.
                  Paolo Contarini. Provveditor di Comune.
                  Iacomo Marcello. Provveditor di Comune.

                              Ioannes Pulverinus. Notary.
                                    On official orders.


ordini che alle loro Signorie pareranno, veduta
parimente l'instantia fattali per gli Illustrissimi
Signori Capi di detto Consiglio, sotto di 29. No=
vembrio 1566 passato, circa il dover far esse=
quire essa deliberatione, et havuta sopra dicio=
matura, et diligente consideratione, vedute le
instantie fatte alli Presidenti dell'arte sotto di
23. April passato et uditili sopra i ricordi per loro
Presentatione non, uditi similmente alcuni altri
d'essi Librari, sue Signorie Clarissime per l'autto=
rita à loro concessa dalla prefatta parte termin=
nantes hanno commesso, che li sopra detti orde=
ni per loro Magnificentie statuiti per il bon gover=
no, et regimento di essa arte, siano inviolabil=
mente dalli Stampatori et Librari osservati,
sotto le pene in essi dechiariti, et sie ann. et g.

                        Francesco Donado. Proveditor di Comune.
                        Paolo Contarini. Proveditor di Comune.
                        Iacomo Marcello. Proveditor di Comune.

                                    Ioannes Pulverinus. Notarius
                                                Officij mandato.


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