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1782Letter from Smith to Webster
1783* Connecticut Copyright Statute Commentary: [1]
1783Letter from Joel Barlow to the Continental Congress
1783Continental Congress Resolution
1783Ledyard Petition Committee Report
1784Letter from Noah Webster to James Madison
1790* Copyright Act Commentary: [1]
1826Letter from Noah Webster to Daniel Webster
1826Letter from Daniel Webster to Noah Webster
1831* Copyright Act Commentary: [1]
1837* Senate Report
1837Petition of British Authors
1837Memorial of a Number of Citizens of the United States
1838Memorial of the New York Typographical Society
1838Memorial of a Number of Citizens of Boston
1842Memorial of a Number of Persons Concerned in Printing and Publishing
1843An Address to the People of the United States
1848Jay, Bryant and Others' Memorials
1890Report on H.R. 10881
1896Debate in Congress
1896The Question of Copyright