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1709Reasons Humbly Offer'd to the Consideration of the Honourable House of Commons
1710* Statute of Anne Commentary: [1]
1737* Booksellers' Bill Commentary: [1]
1737An Act for the Encouragement of Learning (Draft)
1769* Millar v. Taylor Commentary: [1]
1773* Hinton v. Donaldson Commentary: [1]
1773Information for Messrs John Hinton et al
1773Information for Alexander Donaldson
1774* Donaldson v. Becket Commentary: [1]
1774The Pleadings of the Counsel before the House
1774Booksellers' Bill
1787* Calico Printers' Act Commentary: [1]
1787Calico Printers' Act (parchment copy)
1801* Copyright Act Commentary: [1]
1801A Bill for the Further Encouragement of Learning
1814* Copyright Act Commentary: [1]
1814Parliamentary Debates on the Copyright Act (18 July)
1814Bill to amend Acts for the Encouragement of Learning (12 July)
1814Bill to amend Acts for the Encouragement of Learning (15 July)
1818Select Committee Report: Minutes of Evidence
1828* Maugham's Treatise Commentary: [1]
1830Dramatic Writings Bill
1832Select Committee Report: Dramatic Literature
1837Copyright Bill (6 June)
1838* International Copyright Act Commentary: [1]
1838Parliamentary Debates on the International Copyright Act (20 March)
1838Copyright Bill (27 Feb.)
1838Copyright Bill (6 June)
1839Copyright Bill
1839Parliamentary Debates on the Copyright Bill (27 Feb.)
1840Copyright Bill
1841Copyright Bill
1841Parliamentary Debates on the Copyright Bill (29 Jan.)
1842* Copyright Act Commentary: [1]
1842Parliamentary Debates on the Copyright Act (6 April)
1842Bill to Amend the Law of Copyright (4 March)
1842Bill to Amend the Law of Copyright (23 March)
1842Bill to Amend the Law of Copyright (21 April)
1861Fine Art Copyright Bill
1862* Fine Art Copyright Act Commentary: [1]
1862Fine Art Copyright Bill (27 Feb.)
1862Fine Art Copyright Bill (20 March)
1869Artistic Copyright Bill, London Commentary: [1]
1870* Copinger's Law of Copyright Commentary: [1]
1878Royal Commission on Copyright: Minutes of Evidence
1879Copyright Consolidation Bill
1899Artistic Copyright Bill, London
1900Artistic Copyright Bill, London