Occupation lawyer

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1 Abercromby, George, 2nd Baron Abercromby
3 Alison, Sir Archibald
1 Ansorena, Luis de
1 Appian of Alexandria
1 Archibald, Sir Edward Mortimer
1 Arnauld d'Andilly, Robert
2 Arnauld, Antoine
5 Atherton, Sir William
1 Aubéry, Antoine
1 Basnage, Henri
1 Baylos Carroza, Hermenegildo
1 Billaud-Varenne, Jacques Nicolas
7 Blaine, Delabere Roberton
9 Boswell, James
3 Brett, William Baliol, 1st Viscount Esher
1 Broderip, William John
1 Casserly, Eugene
1 Celliez, Henry
3 Chitty, Joseph
1 Codet, Sylvain
13 Coke, Sir Edward
1 Colmeiro, Manuel
1 Copinger, Walter Arthur
1 Coventry, Thomas, 1st Baron Coventry
3 Craig, Sir Thomas
1 Crouseilhes, Marie-Jean-Pierre Dombidau de
1 Dahn, Felix
1 Dalloz, Désiré
1 Dalrymple, Hugh
4 Dana, Richard Henry, Jr.
7 Danvila y Collado, Manuel
1 Danvila y Collado, Manuel
1 Davenport, Mr.
1 Durand-Delorme
1 Ehrenbach, Johann Fischler, Edler von
15 Eldon, John Scott, 1st Earl of
1 Finch, Sir Henry
1 Flood, Sir Frederick
1 Flusin, Charles-Nicholas
3 Fratta, Giovanni
2 Freke, John
2 Fritsch, Ahasver
1 Garrow, Sir William
1 Garófalo y Morales, Francisco
12 Gaultier de Biauzat, Jean-François
1 Guiffrey, Georges
1 Hartley, Thomas
3 Hitzig, Julius Eduard
1 Holker, Sir John
1 Karslake, Sir John Burgess
1 Konrad, Humprecht
1 La Chalotais, Louis-René de Caradeuc de
1 Lainé, Joseph Henri Joachim
1 Lastres y Juiz, Joaquín Francisco
4 Le Chapelier, Isaac René Guy
1 Le Jeune, Nicolas, Sieur de Franqueville
3 Leach, Sir John
1 Lederer, Michael Friedrich
1 Lindet, Jean-Baptiste Robert
16 Linguet, Simon Nicolas Henri
1 Lobwasser, Ambrosius
1 Lockhart, Alexander
1 Loyseau, Charles
1 MacDonald, Sir Archibald
4 Mackenzie, Sir George
1 Maconnochie, Allan
7 Malesherbes, Chrétien Guillaume de Lamoignon de
3 Marion, Simon
1 Marnas
2 Marryat, Mr.
8 Maugham, Robert
2 McKonochie, Alexander
1 Merivale, John
11 Merlin, Philippe-Antoine
4 Murphy, Arthur
1 Murray, Alexander
1 Murray, Sir Thomas, of Glendoick
1 Napier, Macvey
4 O'Connell, Daniel
2 Oates, William Calvin
2 Pauncefote, Julian, 1st Baron Pauncefote
2 Phayer, Thomas
1 Phillimore, Joseph
1 Pietro Francesco of Ravenna
2 Pirckheimer, Willibald
2 Porß, Johannes Martin
1 Pouillet, Eugène
1 Powell, Thomas
6 Prynne, William
1 Rastell, John
1 Rastell, William
1 Renouard, Augustin-Charles
2 Rivington, John
1 Roe, Sir Frederick Adair
10 Romilly, Samuel
1 Ropes, John Codman
1 Rosmini, Enrico
2 Roussel, M.
1 Roux, Jacques
2 Scribe, Achille
2 Soto y Hernández, Antonio
1 Stirling, John
10 Talbot, Charles, 1st Baron Talbot
6 Tenterden, Charles Abbott, 1st Baron
1 Thompson, Daniel Pierce
12 Thurlow, Edward, 1st Baron
1 Tooke, William
1 Trumbull, John
4 Turner, Sharon
2 Twiss, Horace
1 Vaunois, Albert
1 Vergara, Mariano
1 Vergara, Mariano
1 Vicente y Caravantes , José
1 Vicente y Caravantes, José
15 Webster, Daniel
4 Wetherell, Sir Charles
2 White, Alexander
2 Wilkinson, Francis
1 Wood, Sir George
1 Ziegler, Caspar

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