Occupation historian

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6 Alison, Sir Archibald
1 Archenholtz, Johann Wilhelm von
1 Aretino, Leonardo
1 Arnold, Samuel Greene
1 Aubéry, Antoine
2 Baker, Sir Richard
2 Barante, Amable Guillaume Prosper Brugière, baron de
1 Bede, the Venerable, St
1 Bouhier, Pierre
3 Bryce, James, 1st Viscount
1 Buckle, Henry Thomas
2 Burn, Richard
3 Camden, William
1 Cantú, Cesare
3 Capen, Nahum
8 Carlyle, Thomas
2 Carte, Thomas
1 Catrou, François
1 Clémencet, Charles
1 Collier, William Francis
1 Corrozet, Gilles
2 Coxe, William
1 Dacier, Bon-Joseph
1 Dahn, Felix
1 Dalrymple, Sir David
1 Daniel, Gabriel
1 Daniel, Samuel
2 Danvila y Collado, Manuel
1 Darimon, Alfred
1 Ffoulkes, Charles John
1 Fitzmaurice, Edmond George Petty, 1st Baron Fitzmaurice
3 Forster, John
6 Froude, James Anthony
1 García Llansó, Antonio
1 Gengler, Heinrich-Gottfried Philipp
1 Gfrörer, August Friedrich
8 Gibbon, Edward
1 Giovio, Paolo
1 Giustiniani, Bernardo
1 Green, John Richard
8 Grote, George
6 Guizot, François-Pierre-Guillaume
1 Guyon, Claude-Marie, abbé
1 Haebler, Konrad
1 Hakluyt, Richard
1 Hall, Edward
8 Hallam, Henry
2 Headley, Joel Tyler
1 Herrera y Tordesillas , Antonio de
2 Hildreth, Richard
14 Hume, David
4 Hutchinson, Thomas
1 Hénault, Charles-Jean-François
1 Jesse, John Heneage
2 Joinville, Jean, Sire de
1 Jordanes
1 Junius, Hadrianus
9 Lamartine, Alphonse Marie Louis de
1 Laurent, François
1 Lavisse, Ernest
1 Le Gendre, Louis
2 Lingard, John
2 Lodge, Henry Cabot
1 Lünig, Johann Christian
1 MacGregor, John
5 Macaulay, Catherine
16 Macaulay, Thomas Babington
1 Macfarlane, Charles
1 Maimbourg, Louis
2 Maine, Sir Henry James Sumner
1 Martène, Edmond
5 Massey, William Nathaniel
2 Maurice, Rev Thomas
1 Merivale, Charles
1 Michaud, Joseph François
1 Mignet, François Auguste Marie
1 Mill, James
5 Milman, Rev. Henry Hart
1 Molesworth, William Nassau
1 Monteil, Amans-Alexis
1 Morrison, James Augustus Cotter
1 Moréri, Louis
1 Muratori, Ludovico Antonio
1 Mézeray, François-Eudes de
1 Norton, Frederick John
1 Paulus Diaconus
1 Pitkin, Timothy
4 Plutarch
1 Pollard, Alfred William
1 Rambaud, Alfred Nicolas
6 Ramsay, David
1 Ranke, Leopold von
1 Rolt, Richard
3 Roscoe, William
1 Roux-Lavergne, Pierre-Célestin
1 Rymer, Thomas
4 Sabellico, Marco Antonio
3 Sallust
12 Schiller, Friedrich
1 Schouler, James
1 Sismondi, Jean Charles Léonard Simond de
1 Smith, William Jr.
3 Speed, John
36 Stanhope, Philip Henry, 5th Earl Stanhope
1 Stobbe, Johann Ernst Otto
5 Stow, John
2 Thierry, Augustin
4 Thiers, Louis Adolphe
1 Thirlwall, Connop
4 Thou, Jacques Auguste de
2 Trussell, John
4 Turner, Sharon
1 Tytler, Alexander Fraser
1 Vaughan, Robert
1 Velly, l'abbé Paul François
1 Vergil, Polydore
2 Vico, Giovanni Battista
1 Villa-Amil y Castro, José
1 Werner, Wilhelm, Duke of Zimmern
2 White, Henry

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