This is a freely-accessible, publicly-funded digital archive that collects together significant documents relating to the history of copyright law and practice. The documents have been selected by national editors, with the input of an editorial advisory board. Key documents are, where appropriate, transcribed and translated. The editors have written commentaries, explaining the reasons for selecting documents and their significance. The project was launched in 2008, initially funded by the AHRC in relation to 5 countries. Since 2024 it is supported by the AHRC as UK research infrastructure. The archive now extends to more than 20 (including historical and religious) jurisdictions and over 700 primary source documents. They can be browsed by date/language/jurisdiction, or searched.

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1501Privilege granted to Valentim Fernandes Commentary: [1]
1502* Privilege granted to Valentim Fernandes Commentary: [1]
1503* Privilege granted to Valentim Fernandes Commentary: [1]
1508* Privilege granted to Jacobo Cromberger Commentary: [1]
1514* Privilege granted to João Pedro de Cremona Commentary: [1]
1530* Privilege granted to Germão Galharde Commentary: [1]
1536* Privilege granted to Gonçalo de Baena Commentary: [1]
1537* Privilege granted to Baltasar Dias Commentary: [1]
1572Privilege granted to Luís Vaz de Camões Commentary: [1]
1822* Constitution of 1822 Commentary: [1]
1826* Constitutional Charter of 1826
1838* Constitution of 1838
1839* First Copyright Bill
1851* First Copyright Law, 1851
1867* Seabra Civil Code, 1867
1873-1908* Opuscles Commentary: [1]